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Recreational Boat Insurance Qld

Recreational Boat Insurance from SureInsure can offer comprehensive cover for a huge range of private boats, no matter the size or value of your aquatic asset.

Motor powered or under sail, we can offer specialised insurance, tailor made to cover all aspects of your boat. From house boats to super yachts, wherever you decide to go in the world, we are here to make things cruisy for you by making sure you have the right boat coverage.

Are you a professional racer or have specialist sports or fishing equipment onboard? Whether your boat is in or out of the water and whether you store your boat on land or in a marina, we will find an insurance solution for you.

We can provide cover for practical necessities such as trailers, runabouts and dinghies, tow bars and electricals. But we really love helping you to take care of the fun part of being on the water. That means jet skis, kayaks and canoes and SCUBA equipment and any other luxuries or essentials you need on board.

If you live on your boat on a daily basis, let us come aboard and listen to your needs and priorities. Wherever you are in the world, once we have assessed your needs and confirmed your policy, we are just a phone call away for assistance.

Contact us to get a boat insurance quote today to protect your vessel against unforeseen damages and ensure smooth sailing on the water. We can start sailing through our panel of insurers to find the perfect product for your needs.



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