Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance provides protection of goods from physical loss or damage when they are in transit. This insurance can be extended by talking to a Broker like SureInsure. We make sure that your goods are covered until they are formally in the hands of your company. Our tailor made policies can cover you for transport not just by sea, but by rail, air and road.

Like any supply chain, events can often be unexpected, but weather can play havoc with marine cargo. The news is often full of marine supply chain nightmare stories. From storms causing loss of entire loads to blockages of crucial passages.

Marine cargo insurance covers loss or damage of ships and goods or delays caused by strikes at terminals. It can also manage issues with transport or storage between the cargo of origin and the final destination.

Regular Cargo or One off Options

Our exceptional knowledge of the insurance options for transporting your goods means we can tailor-make your marine cargo policy. If you are a regular importer or exporter we will look into annual policies to save you money. If you only send or receive good from overseas every so often, maybe it’s best to look at cover for just one shipment. Customers of marine cargo insurance have a wide variety of needs.

Cover can easily be arranged whether you are the one sending or receiving the goods. That means that whether you’re the supplier or customer, whatever happens in transit. Items are covered from the moment they leave your premises until they are in the hands of the buyer.

Are you the manager of a business, sports team or responsible for a party from a school or other association? If you are travelling overseas for an exhibition, competition or conference, there are special clauses to explore.

Other things to consider are clauses and rules for delicate, valuable or hazardous cargo.

What can I cover using Marine Cargo Insurance?

Due to the huge number of different items going through multiple supply chain formats, there are wide variations in cover. For this reason, using a Broker like Sure Insure for Marine Cargo is the best option. Not only will we make sure you are covered for loss, but we will consider the type of cargo and its risks.

SureInsure works with the insurers to assess new and anticipated risks on multiple worldwide routes. We also work together to plan for contingency insurance in the event that a port is missed or a container is lost. We also help you if a customer cancels an order due to logistical challenges.

You can choose from options for comprehensive insurance or defined concerns such as storm, fire, flood or theft. You can contact us to know marine cargo insurance cost.

Who can insure goods in the Supply Chain?

Many organisations can insure themselves against marine cargo and other logistical issues when transporting goods. This includes:

Repairers and restoration experts
People and businesses relocating overseas
Port operators
Logistics businesses

Some of our Marine Cargo and Logistics Specialists

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