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Caravan and Trailer Insurance.

Caravan and trailer insurance from Sure Insure Brokers is a great way to protect your favourite lifestyle asset. Investing in a Caravan or Recreational Vehicle means you can get out on the road and experience all Australia has to offer.

You can choose a closed trailer to carry all your camping and fishing equipment or an open one so you can take your boat along with you. Trailers can also be used for horses, dogs or livestock when transporting them to shows or training grounds.

Choosing a large RV in order to add a bit of extra comfort can also be a great idea. If the idea of closing the door at the end of the day is more appealing than camping on the ground, or you’re planning a grand tour, it’s the perfect solution. Caravans and RVs are great when you don’t like the extra effort of pitching a tent at the end of a long drive.

Protect your Vehicles at Home or on the Road.

It’s hard to fit a caravan or trailer into a standard garage. This means that often, your only option is to park them in your driveway or on the road. Unfortunately, those places are often exposed and difficult to watch, meaning you can become the victim of vandalism or theft.

Sure Insure Brokers help to arrange the perfect Caravan and Trailer Insurance that takes into account all your circumstances.

We can also help to insure the contents of your caravans and trailers.

When your home is on the road, it is just as distressing to have a break in as it is in a traditional house. Covering the basics as well as the luxuries that make your time on the road fun is a great idea. It means that you don’t have to worry when losing essentials, no matter how far you are from the nearest shop.

Make sure your policy is always up to date by calculating the value of the items in your caravan or trailer before every trip. If you don’t have a calculator to hand, use this link to quickly add up what it would cost to replace what you take with you.

Always take photos of what you take with you, and if possible, keep receipts so you’re always provided with the best replacement value. Calling to update the team at Sure Insure with a quick update means that you’re never left under-insured.

Mechanical Mishaps.

Even with thorough preparations, your trusted leisure vehicles can let you down. On-road coverage is essential to make sure that blown tyres or cracked windshields can be easily fixed. Sometimes, a certificate of currency to prove insurance can be as important as any documentation.When using Sure Insure, when something happens that needs fixing, you can call us to start your claim. That means you can get back on the road as quickly as you like. When all the paperwork is being done behind the scenes, you can relax at whichever destination is next on your agenda.
If you’re going off road, we can also provide policy elements to cover extra stress your vehicle can experience. We help keep you out of danger by insuring essential GPS devices. Putting in a call to the nearest heavy-duty mechanics is something we might also be able to help with.

When you’re going off the beaten track, ALWAYS let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

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