Building Insurance in Australia

Building Insurance in Australia

Commercial Building Insurance can cover a wide number of assets owned or rented by a business. Warehouses are often damaged in the course of work and can need extra attention to bring them to code. Offices are full of people and have similar issues to homes – wear and tear or minor damage. Floods, fires or human factors can affect the usability of a building and stop business.

Work health and safety is paramount when you employ people to work in a building. Because of that, you need Building Insurance to cover quick repairs when your workers’ ability to safely do their jobs is affected.

Even something as small as air conditioning or a kitchen with a broken fridge can cause problems.

Owning or Renting your Building

Building Insurance is just as important if you don’t occupy the building yourself, but for different reasons. Owning a commercial building means you can take responsibility for your own repairs. Repairs when you own a building can be much faster as you can pay for urgent work. Always contact Sure Insure before you make a claim. Because we know the insurers, we can make it so much quicker and easier to claim expenses. When a window breaks in an office it needs immediate attention, but just make sure you call us and take photos first!

When you own a building to rent out to a business you have the responsibility to act as quickly as you can. However, you still need to make sure you are covered. Acting quickly means that you can avoid bad relationships with your tenants. It also means you can avoid penalties that might be in the tenancy contract. When work areas are out of action it can affect the business of the organisation you rented it to. That means they could lodge a claim against you for loss of earnings. Those can be considerable if a warehouse is out of action due to flooding and your tenant can’t fulfil their orders. Click to Know building insurance cost.



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