Trade Credit Insurance in Australia

Trade Credit

Trade Credit insurance protects your cash-flow by covering your losses if a debtor defaults on payment. Great relationships with your customers can quickly go sour when they have financial difficulties. A customer going insolvent can become your problem as well. Sure Insure can help by putting together tailored policies.

Having trade Credit Insurance can also improve your borrowing capacity with your bank. That can help dramatically when you have cancelled orders or debtor alerts from your finance team. Sure Insure partners with commercially aware underwriters at insurance agencies to help with credit management.

What can I cover?

Trade Credit Insurance covers everything from historical bad debt to payment defaults from usually reliable customers. Whether you are a small company operating domestically, or with an international export market, you can benefit. Creating a policy to your specific industry means you are covered more effectively and have lower premiums.

You can cover against political risks that might impact your business and against losses that simply can’t be recovered. If your customer has a non-cancellable credit limit then it can be a problem. Let us look at your contracts and work out where your biggest risks are.

Do you have suspicions or concerns about a specific customer’s business operations? The capacity exists to create a policy just for them. The flexibility and adaptability with Trade Credit Insurance dramatically improves your peace of mind.



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