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Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance may be of benefit to you, should the unexpected happen. Are you are the only income earner in your family? Maybe losing your income would put huge pressure on your partner to keep paying the bills.

Guaranteeing that you can provide for your family is always a priority. You also need to consider your lifestyle. Do you have a large mortgage or do your kids go to private school? If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes’, the Centrelink payments would be unlikely to be much help. Nobody can ever guarantee that they won’t have an accident or fall sick in some other way. Even risk-proofing your life as much as possible can’t rule out the actions of other people. Sickness strikes many people down unexpectedly. Although you might be able to work, you could find your productivity falls dramatically. This has the potential to cause a lot of family stress. When you’re already sick or injured, that’s the last thing you need. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance can provide a real safety blanket when you walk out the door.

Accidents at Work

Having comprehensive Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance is of great importance if you are self-employed. Most employers have schemes and professional insurance in place to help if you are accidentally injured at work. Being self-employed gives you the freedom to be your own boss, but that comes without a safety net. A workplace injury or one outside of work that leaves you incapacitated can give you a nasty wake-up call.

To make sure your family is taken care of if you have an accident, talk to Sure Insure’s team of Brokers. If you work in a hazardous environment, we can arrange an assessment visit to a typical site. That means we can tailor a policy to fit your profession and to cover you against mechanical, chemical or other injuries. It is also important to keep us up to date with your equipment specifications as that might change your policy requirements.

Accidents at Home or Elsewhere

If you have high risk hobbies it is worth considering what might happen if you injure yourself. For example, a painter might have trouble working if they went on a skiing holiday and dislocated their knee. This is where Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance can help. It doesn’t matter what you were doing at the time you got hurt. Even something as simple as cooking dinner can cause problems if you burn yourself or slip in the kitchen.

When you can’t work, you can get stressed and that has been clinically proven to reduce your recovery time. With Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance you can relax and recover properly, knowing bills are going to be paid.

Other kinds of Sickness

With todays high pressure work and lifestyles it’s not surprising that we often break down for other reasons. Mental and psychological health are just as important to your ability to function physically. If you suspect you might be starting to feel the strain, it’s worth letting us know before it becomes a problem. Sure Insure Brokers can look at options for separate care of your mental well-being as part of your usual insurance.

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