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Personal Vehicle Insurance

Whatever it is that you decide to drive, you need to make sure you have the right insurance. Sure Insure personal vehicle insurance can find the perfect match for your vehicle and all its drivers.

Are you are a super car collector, a motorbike aficionado or have an L or P-Plater to consider? At Sure Insure Insurance Brokers, we know how to find the best value for your family’s needs, even when they change.

You can find your insurance needs changing as a result of downsizing a car or someone passing their test. These days you can even find more cost-effective policies for hybrid and electric cars. If you are a car owner that mainly works from home or have a lockable garage, then the deals can be even better!
Having the correct insurance means you have less to pay out if you cause an accident and can claim more if it’s not your fault.

There are specialist insurance options for high performance or vintage cars and we can draw on out network for repairs or restorations.

Higher value policies can also cover you in the event of weather, fire, theft or vandalism.

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