Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance covers the motor vehicles you use to operate your business.

Also known as business vehicle insurance, these policies provide cover for most vehicles used for work. This covers machines such as cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, and trailers etc. Your fleet is described as vehicles designed to be on or off-road, indoor or outdoor while working. When you provide a car to an employee as part of their contract it can sometimes be used for leisure. Commercial Fleet Insurance can cover the car as long as the owner is the company.

Covering your commercial fleet vehicles and getting you back on the road is important to ensure business continuity. Getting more than ten vehicles covered is great as it brings extra benefits. Policies covering all your company vehicles can have multiple drivers as long as they are trained and qualified.

What can I cover?

Damaging a vehicle is always an inconvenience but when you cover it as part of your fleet, the repairs can be done quickly. Reducing the amount of time that the vehicle is out of action is important for lots of reasons. Meetings might be missed if your salesman is off the road. Or your supply chain could be compromised by an accident in the warehouse. Commercial fleet insurance policies cover a multitude of sins!

You can cover vehicles that are out of the work premises for long periods of time. That includes food trucks at a festival for a number of days or longhaul freight lorries on the road. Breakdowns out of the work place can be paid for by keeping expenses and claiming them on your return.

Another thing you can cover is driver liability if one of your employees causes an accident. Damage to paintwork or interiors is also claimable through various policy clauses that Sure Insure can help with.

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