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Public and Product Liability

Public and Product Liability Insurance covers your business for claims arising from bodily injury, defamation or property damage.
This can cover you whether it happens on your business site or as a result of the use of the products you make.
When you make or do something that has the potential to cause damage in ANY way, you need Public and Product Liability Insurance. If something that you are responsible for hurts someone, you are liable to pay compensation for personal injury. This can cover physical and property damage. You are also liable if you hurt someone professionally by using their image or products without permission or in the wrong way.

Public and Product Liability is the name for the insurance you need to make sure your business stays running and your customers stay safe.

Product Related Injury

This includes damage or loss of other peoples' goods in your care and control. If you were running a warehousing company and you had a flood, things belonging to other people could be damaged or destroyed. That would be an example of injuring someone financially by destroying their products. Public and Product Liability Insurance covers you when things and people are damaged by what you make and do. Whether it is your fault or not.

Another way you could be held liable would be if you hurt someone on your premises. A very common cause for someone to sue for liability would be burns from scalding drinks at a coffee shop. A person choking on a fish bone at a restaurant could end up in hospital and lose earnings. Either way, their condition and their medical costs or loss of income would be considered your fault. In other words, you would be liable.

Professional Injury

Public Liability Insurance can also provide cover in the event that you damage someone's reputation. This can be through misleading advertising, unfair comparisons of their services or use of their image or work without permission. It can cover what you do in print, on your website and even comments that you make on social media.

When it comes to their reputation, people can be extremely protective so you need to be very careful. However, they can also be very over-sensitive. Sometimes it doesn't matter whether you are in the wrong or not. It is important that you have the right insurance in the event that someone decides to take things to court.

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