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Home and Contents Insurance – Keeping safe what matters

Welcome to the Home and Contents Insurance Blog from SureInsure an Insurance Brokers in Australia. It is often one of the first types of insurance that someone thinks seriously about. What you choose to put in your home are the things that are important to you. SureInsure can provide cover for everything from your first bedsit rental apartment to the largest luxury house. Your home is where you and your family sleep at night and where you keep most of your valuables. They are things that are so much part of your daily life that you hardly think about them. You open the door, turn on the lights, turn on the TV or laptop to check your emails, and get the family evening routine started. Not thinking about the disruption that it might cause if those things suddenly weren’t there can be more costly than you can imagine.

The impact of good Home and Contents Insurance.

This is where it helps to use your imagination to think about the worst case scenarios in your life. It also helps to think clearly about your priorities. What if a branch fell on your house on a rainy day? Not only is one of the kids’ bedrooms out of action for the night, but you have an unexpected bill that might cause you problems for months. You need to fix your roof. Your kids’ Play station is destroyed. And nobody needs the headache of children sharing a room with no tech for any longer than necessary! If you’re keeping a close eye on your budget, the small amount you pay for insurance each month can make a big difference when a domestic disaster happens. Everyone’s worst nightmare is the prospect of being burgled. It is a very scary idea to have someone you don’t know break into your house. Also multiple things of high value tend to go missing all at the same time. With Home and Contents Insurance arranged by SureInsure you can immediately fix the security of your home, with priority locksmiths and security advice. As soon as you’re back in control of your doors and windows, you can claim for the value of the lost items and start to put your life back together.

Why use a Broker like SureInsure?

Everybody is different. That is why it’s important to have flexible insurance or to use a good broker. A broker like SureInsure can take care of your priorities. Some things need to be replaced faster than others. Some things can wait or might need time to source. And other things are simply irreplaceable. A good broker, like those in our team, spends time with you to understand what is important to your family. So many people underestimate the true value of the items in their home. To help you get an idea, a good exercise is to go around your house with a calculator and add up all the items in each room. Then think about the cost of things like replacing floors, roofs, tiles or glass. Then think about the cost of the trades that need to complete the work. Even something like a washing machine blowout can cause a massive upheaval in your busy routine.

What about those things that can’t be replaced?
It’s a sad truth that not everything can be replaced. But if the worst happens and you lose a family heirloom, it’s important that the value was assessed when putting together your policy. Take photos of the items that are important to you, especially if they are no longer in production. If it’s a particularly large or valuable piece, make sure you get a proper evaluation. Our team will help you with finding an appropriate antiques expert if it’s something unusual that needs insuring.   When it’s time to make a claim, leave it all to SureInsure. The moment you need our services we will be on the phone to help. We’ll then handle all aspects of the claim, making sure you can get your life back on track as quickly as it was disrupted!   Do you need any other reason why it is super important in your life? Here’s an interesting blog from Forbes that gives an American slant on some insurance nightmares. It’s also really interesting to read because it covers things that are frequently excluded from policies. The last thing you want is to have a disaster strike and find that it was one of the things that wasn’t included. That’s why you pay a broker to make sure you have the cover you need – including fire and flood.

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