Authorised Representatives - SureInsure

Congrats and Thanks for dropping by on this page of Ours !!

….to know more about what we can offer you and how you can be a successful individual business owner keep reading 😊

A bit about ourselves:

We after many years of successful broking career were helped by very good “Samaritans” to get started on our independent journey of this broking business which was quite overwhelming and daunting initially, the burden of working “in” and “on” the business is never easy…..
After walking in your shoes if we can pass on this legacy of helping you to succeed then we would be humbled and grateful for getting this opportunity to help your business with a minimum or no initial expense – let’s show you how you can achieve this!!!

Why this is different to other models:

This is not just another strategic programme that is created for benefits of one party only – rather this is created to give you the 100% ownership and decision-making powers.
There’s freedom and independence for you to run the business the way you want it to run as long as you remain compliant as per industry legislation.
We can also connect and help you with funds required to acquire new business.

Broker Assistance

Most relevant and exciting part for you – Focus and grow your business by getting access to admin and claim support at fractional cost and no burden of managing or training the staff as that’s all taken care by our bespoke admin subsidiary for you.

Now let’s tune in to your WIIFM radio and find out “What’s in it for you”!!!!

  • 01 Become part of Australasia’s largest broker network – STEADFAST!!
  • 02 Have access to competitive Steadfast insurance products and wordings
  • 03 Steadfast Technology broking system
  • 04 Access to Full marketing support and collaterals
  • 05 Website development and enhancements support
  • 06 Lead generation assistance
  • 07 Retain your full premium funding commission.
  • 08 Become members of NIBA & Steadfast and hence get access to their exclusive tools to run your business smoothly
  • 09 Get chance to attend all major industry conferences and functions
  • 10 Top achievers get free domestic & international trips on us.collaterals
  • 11 Get compliance and other regulatory support
  • 12 Last but not the least –> our impressive fee structure and flexibility to join, sell and/or move on easily will put your mind at ease knowing that you are not stuck or bound to any contracts.